It works well when a designer and builder work together. It ensures what’s drawn is affordable and will be approved by the City or Shire.

We’ve all seen the horror stories in the local rag. Dream Homes that were never to be.

It’s also a time to get priorities into perspective.  A high specification may not add any more value to the property. It’s the expensive taps that tarnish, the chrome ones last forever.

Will the fancy appliances in the kitchen mean no more family holidays for a couple of years?

Your call!

Art Deco Joe

This special issue of Historic Environment explores the theme ‘Sites of consumption on the fringes of urban heritage’. This issue brings together the work of a range of Australian-based early career and emerging scholars with expertise in urban planning, heritage studies, and architectural and urban history, whose work challenges and seeks to reconsider the conceptual boundaries of heritage scholarship and practice. As the title suggests, these articles explore the spatial, temporal and conceptual fringes of urban heritage as a category of analysis, by discussing a range of commercial and consumption sites with fraught relationships to formal heritage value.

You can’t do enough research before the job gets underway. Making decisions on the run can be costly and a needless expense.

Planning is essential for everyone. The trades are booked well in advance and often have to pre-order stuff so make it easy for everyone by planning ahead.

When you’re happy with everything the plans, specifications and contract, it’s best to have one last meeting in the office and make sure the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted. It’s also a good time to meet everyone again as you’ll have to get along for the next few months and it can be semi-social.

Art Deco Joe
Art Deco Joe

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